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Sembilu 2
Ratings : 3/5 from 2 users

Director: Dato' Yusof Haslam

Producer Company: Skop Production Sdn. Bhd. , Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd.)

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Romance

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 104 min

Release Date: 1995

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For what he has done, Azman was sentenced to two years imprisonment. Time passes on quickly. Upon graduating Wati became a manager in her father's business. Ziana continues with her night club stint while Awie is tied up with his busy schedule of concert and recording. Wati is lonely. She felt that Awie's popularity caused her to drift.

The presence of Syamsul, a young vibrant and handsome executivein Wati's life made Awie doubt her faithfulness. Awie and Ziana were made to duet in a concert. The relationship between Awie and Wati goes on though they doubt each other. Syamsul had fallen for Wati and make great effort to woo her.

 One day Wati heard a bad news about Awie. The news had shattered all her hopes and trust she has in their relationship. Wati chose to lead her life without Awie.

As a man, Awie has learnt to accpet fate and left everything to God. Though he is being admired by millions, he could not sustained the love of his beloved girl. What will happen next? What kind of fate awaits Ziana? What is Azman's next course of action?

Awie (Main Actor/Actress)
Wati (Main Actor/Actress)
Ziana (Main Actor/Actress)
Azman (Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
(Guests Artist)
(Guests Artist)
(Guests Artist)
Original Story
Art Director
Assistant Director
Production Manager
Sound Designer
Anugerah Skrin 1996 Most Popular Film Actor (Awie)
Anugerah Skrin 1996 Most Popular Film Actress (Erra Fazira)
Anugerah Skrin 1996 Most Popular Supporting Actress (Ziana Zain)
Award Nomination
Anugerah Skrin 1996 Most Popular Supporting Actor(Khairil Anwar)
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