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Selendang Delima

Director: K.M. Basker

Producer Company: Cathay Keris Film

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Release Date: 1958

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Upon the order of his father, the Crown Prince Tengku Bangsegara goes to Gunung Ledang to learn martial arts from Betara Guru. Upon his return, he is shocked to see his kingdom ruined and hir father and all his people being killed except his sister Sri Banian. Sri Banian marries Dewa Laksana, and gives birth to a girl named Selendang Delima. Selendang Delima is left under the care of Tengku Bangsegara, who settles in Benua Pur, becomes the Sultan and marries the seven princesses. Thinking that their husband has kept the girl hidden on purpose, the seven wives ill-treat her.
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