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Sabarudin Tukang Kasut

Director: Tan Sri Dr P. Ramlee

Producer Company: Merdeka Film Productions Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Release Date: 1966

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The story revolves around a poor but honest cobbler, Sabarudin, who is influenced by a friend that honesty does not pay. He later claims himself as a jewel merchant and gains the trust and money of the city merchants. Soon the merchants feel cheated and lodge a report to the Sultan. Summoned into the Sultan’s court, Sabarudin is requested to clarify the value of precious stone belonging to the Sultan.
Sabarudin (Main Actor/Actress)
Puteri Sabarina (Main Actor/Actress)
Halobayah (Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
Memanda Wazir (Supporting Actor)
Putar Alam Shah (Supporting Actor)
Malaon (Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
Original Story
Original Story
Assistant Director
Music Score
Make-Up Artist
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