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Director: K.M. Basker

Producer Company: Malay Film Productions Ltd

Language: Malay

Genre: Drama, Romance

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Release Date: 1956

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As Umar was breaking in to a room to steal anything he could find, he came across with the owner of the house. By coincidence Jamilah's friend was also with her. Umar had to find an excuse and admitted that he was Jamilah's husband. Jamilah's friend believed his story eventhough Jamilah herself denied it. After all of her friends had left Umar had to explain to Jamilah why he had to steal. Jamilah felt sorry for him after hearing his story and was willingly enough to help him by lending him some money. Her other friends on the other hand were so happy to hear that Jamilah has finally gotten married and wish to see more of Umar soon. How long will this secret remain kept a secret? Will her friends ever find out who Umar trully is?
Umar (Main Actor/Actress)
Jamilah (Main Actor/Actress)
(Main Actor/Actress)
(Main Actor/Actress)

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