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Director: Nurhalim Hj.Ismail

Producer Company: Nur Tv Productions Sdn. Bhd. , Take One Productions Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 112 min

Release Date: 26 Feb 1998

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Sofiah marries her adopted father, Paiman against her will after the death of Paiman’s wife. The black magic placed by Paiman’s late wife to prevent him from having sexual relationships with other woman has been broken. Paiman’s overbearing sexual desires upset Sofiah and she dreams of a more meaningful life. Ariff of a higher status fulfills this dream and both of them are in love. This situation and Sofiah’s guts to leave the life she detest Paiman crazy and lands him in prison. Sofiah marries Ariff but her dream is shattered as Ariff is impotent. Ariff seeks Paiman’s help to regain his manhood but at a certain price.
Sofiah (Main Actor/Actress)
(Main Actor/Actress)
Sahar (Supporting Actor)
Ariff (Supporting Actor)
Original Story
Art Director
Music Score
Production Manager
Costume Designer
Sound Effects
13th Malaysian Film Festival Best Art Director (Saidin Othman)
Anugerah Skrin 1998 Best Film Actor (Yusof Mohamad)
Anugerah Skrin 1998 Best Supporting Actor (Dato' Eizlan Yusof)
Popular Star Award 1997/98 Best Supporting Actor (Dato' Eizlan Yusof)
Popular Star Award 1997/98 Most Popular Film Actor (Yusof Mohamad)
Award Nomination
Anugerah Skrin 1998 Best Film Director(Nurhalim Hj.Ismail)
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