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Paku Pontianak

Director: Ismail Bob Hashim

Producer Company: MIG Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Horror

Classification: PG-13 - Parental guidance is advisable for children below 13 years old

Duration : 90 min

Release Date: 22 Aug 2013

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After the incident when ADAM hit a girl named Melati with his car, Adam and his family decided to take care of her. Melati wakes up the day after but she cannot remember a thing except her name. Seri feels threatened by Melati’s presence because Seri been dreaming to make Adam her husband.

A year passed, Melati still do not remember anything about herself, and still staying with Adam’s family. FATIMA decided to ask his son to marry Melati to avoid people bad-mouthing about them. Adam and Melati who already has feelings for each other, agree with Fatima suggestion. Their marriage had cause Seri to be so infuriated and Seri swears she will bewitch Melati to make her miserable. Since then, Adam’s and Melati’s marriage is in trouble. Melati keeps getting sicks and she always in trance and hysteric. PAK LEH, Adam’s uncle started to feel something is wrong with Melati. Pak Leh also seems to know what the answer of their problem is. One day, Adam feels a tiny hump behind Melati’s neck. Adam suspects Seri is the reason of that but Pak Leh claims that Melati is actualy a VAMPIRE! Is Melati really a vampire? Is it because of Seri? What will happen to Adam? Coming soon in ‘PAKU PONTIANAK’.

Adam (Main Actor/Actress)
Seri @ Pontianak (Main Actor/Actress)
Melati (Main Actor/Actress)
Suraya (Supporting Actor)
Farid (Supporting Actor)
Pak Leh (Supporting Actor)
Fatimah (Supporting Actor)
Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Stunt Co-ordinator
Make-up SFX
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