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Director: Othman Hafsham

Producer Company: Syed Kechik Film Productions

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Comedy

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 110 min

Release Date: 1983

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While repairing one of his customer’s car, Syamil finds RM500,000 and tries to keep the cash. Meanwhile the police are investigating a bank robbery that involves the same amount of money. Syamil’s mother advises him to return the money to the police but he refuses. He begins to worry when he sees a press article about the robbery...
Syamil (Main Actor/Actress)
Rina (Supporting Actor)
Nina (Supporting Actor)
Ketua Mafia (Supporting Actor)
Ibu Syamil (Supporting Actor)
Detektif 1 (Supporting Actor)
Detektif 2 (Supporting Actor)
Detektif 3 (Supporting Actor)
Encik Razaleigh (Supporting Actor)
Mas (setiausaha) (Supporting Actor)
Mokhtar Dahari (Supporting Actor)
Pemandu teksi (Supporting Actor)
Mekanik 1 (Supporting Actor)
Mekanik 2 (Supporting Actor)
Atan (Supporting Actor)
Executive Producer
Original Story
Art Director
Make-Up Artist
Property Master
Sound Designer
Sound Designer
4th Malaysian Film Festival Best Director (Othman Hafsham)
4th Malaysian Film Festival Best Film Editor (Affendy)
4th Malaysian Film Festival Best Actor(Supporting Role) (Dato' Yusof Haslam)
4th Malaysian Film Festival Best Sound (Peter Lim)
4th Malaysian Film Festival Best Sound (Zulkifli Salleh)
4th Malaysian Film Festival Most Promising Actor (Azmil Mustapha)
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