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Mami Jarum
Ratings : 3/5 from 1 user

Director: Prof Madya A. Razak Mohaideen

Producer Company: MIG Production Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family, Romance

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 95 min

Release Date: 06 Dec 2002

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This movie tells the story of Mami Jarum who is a snobbish person and thinks that her family is perfect and should be an example to other people. She also has the habit of looking for other people's mistakes and spreading the news. Mami Jarum has 2 daughters, Shiqah & Syafinaz, and a sister named Bee, who is married to an older guy, Piee. The conflicts starts when she finds out that her family is not that perfect after all.

Mami Jarum (Main Actor/Actress)
Mami Jarum Junior (Main Actor/Actress)
Shiqah (Main Actor/Actress)
Syafinaz (Main Actor/Actress)
Azizah Bee (Supporting Actor)
Ezad (Supporting Actor)
Dato' Meera (Supporting Actor)
Datin Nora (Supporting Actor)
Chombee (Supporting Actor)
Original Story
Music Score
Sound Designer
Sound Designer
16th Malaysian Film Festival Best Comedic Actor/Actress (Kartina Aziz)
Award Nomination
Anugerah Skrin 2003 Best Film Actress(Kartina Aziz)
Anugerah Skrin 2003 Best Supporting Actress(Vanida Imran)
Anugerah Skrin 2003 Promising Artist(Ezad (Exists))
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