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Lagenda Budak Setan 2 - Katerina
Ratings : 4.7/5 from 3 users

Director: Sharad Sharan

Producer Company: Astro Shaw Sdn. Bhd. , Tarantella Pitures (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Romance, Drama

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 112 min

Release Date: 29 Nov 2012

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Six months has gone after Ayu's death. Kasyah is still mourning for Ayu. He raises Athirah; her daughter with love. KateRINA finally has her strength to see Kasyah. She really salutes him. He seems so cool and strong. Despite the demise of her wife, he still can manage a smile.

They started going out together. Kate is always being there for him. They fall in love, finally. KateRINA introduced Kasyah to her parent. They plan to get engage. But, Kate's mother disagreed because Kasyah is the men who make her daughter suffer. When he married to Ayu, Kate is so frustrated and almost lost herself. Now, when his wife passed away, he tried to come back to her daughter. No way! Kate has insist, she still want to continue with the engagement. Her parent has no choice but to agree. But, Sofean; Kate's father has his own plan even though he agreed with the engagement.

At the same time, HISyam; Kate's ex-lover who's still love her came into the picture and make havoc. He sends a group of men to beat Kasyah until he broke his leg. Kate was so mad and warned Syam that she will lodge a police report if he is to disturb her and Kasyah again.

When Kasyah quit his job, he works at Sofean's friend office. Kate has gone to South Africa for a business trip. This is the time when Sofean has framed Kasyah. He paid ZAHIRAH to seduce Kasyah at his office only to get caught by his boss. Firdaus; the boss has contacted Sofean telling him what has happened to Kasyah because he's the one who's recommended Kasyah to work with him. Sofean has asked Firdaus to sack him immediately. This is Sofean's plan to break the engagement of her daughter and Kasyah.

When Kate returned home from South Africa, she was so shock and mad to hear what has happened. Kasyah tried to explain but Kate still wants to break the engagement. Kasyah is so frustrated because he knows that he's innocent. He knows, one day the real truth will be revealed.

Time goes by, and her daughter is two years old, now. He's not happy and neither was Kate. Both of them are deeply hurt. They both still love each other. Kate finally made a hard to believe decision when he married to Syam. She's doing that just to make Kasyah suffer more. She knows that Kasyah still loves her. At the same time she wants to make revenge to Syam. Even though they're married, Kate has never let Syam touches her. They sleep separately. She purposely tortures Syam because she has her own reason to do so. She'll never let her gay husband to touch her. No way!

At the same time, Kasyah raises her daughter with a help of his elder brother; Iskandar. He is the only brother he has. And, he loves him so much. Iskandar has to return back to their mum's house after his porced. And to make things worst, besides losing his wife, he's jobless too. Kasyah is trying his level best to help Iskandar. At least, he has someone to share with until one day, his brother died of motorcycle accident. And not so long, his daughter passed away because of hand and mouth disease. Everybody has gone and Kasyah is all alone.

Kate is ready to leave Syam. She wants to break their marriage. hat is her real plan. She wants her husband to feel the pain. This will be the final moment. She hopes Syam will suffer to death. When Kate asked Syam to leave because she's already filing a porce, he felt like a sharp knife cutting his throat. He feels like dying. Syam is so frustrated and he feels like killing himself.

Sofean was so shocked to hear the news. Kate has confessed the real truth about Syam and the reason why she's married him. Now, Sofean realized, her daughter is not a happy woman. He blamed himself because he's the one who cause the separation between Kasyah and her daughter. He's so regret! He has to find Kasyah and confess the real truth. When he met Kasyah, he confessed everything. Kasyah was so shocked. When Sofean asks him to come back to Kate, he refused. He's so frustrated and has no heart to start any relationship again. Sofean has begged Kasyah and offered him the wealthiest but he still remains not to come back to Kate. Sofean blamed himself for that.

One day, a beautiful lady came to Kasyah's house looking for his late brother. Kasyah was shocked in disbelieved when the pretty woman told him that she wants to give away Iskandar's daughter because she has to migrate to Australia and she actually didn't know that Iskandar has died because of an accident. Realizing that the cute baby was his niece, Kasyah is willing to take care of her. And, he named her Athirah; after her late daughter's name.

Time goes by and Kasyah realized that he still loves Kate. And he knows too, Kate is not to be blamed. One beautiful morning, without anybody influence, he calls Kate for a date.

And, this is a very beautiful start for their never ending love story..

Kashah (Main Actor/Actress)
Kate (Main Actor/Actress)
Ayu (Main Actor/Actress)
Lily (Main Actor/Actress)
Hisham (Supporting Actor)
Mak Leha (Supporting Actor)
Iskandar (Supporting Actor)
Sofea (Supporting Actor)
Sofean (Supporting Actor)
Zahirah (Supporting Actor)
Athirah (Supporting Actor)
Yvonne (Supporting Actor)
Firdaus (Supporting Actor)
Rafidah (Supporting Actor)
Assistant Producer
Line Producer
Original Story
Art Director
Assistant Director
Production Manager
Make-Up Artist
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