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Kaki Kuda

Director: Kirdar Sharma

Producer Company: Malay Film Productions Ltd

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Release Date: 1958

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Aziz is the driver of Tuan Hussin who is the owner of a racing horse named Black Royal. While Tuan Hussin is outstationed, Aziz takes this oppurtunity to disguise himself as Tuan Hussin to impress a girl named Zuraidah. This couldnt be done without the help of his dear friend Sudin the caretaker of the racing horse who also wants to impress Zuraidah's cousin Aminah.

The two of them have encountered so many kinds of events to tackle these girls. At the same time the film touches on the aspects of the community who likes to participate in the racing hourse tournaments.

Aziz (Main Actor/Actress)
Sudin (Main Actor/Actress)
Zuraidah (Main Actor/Actress)
Aminah (Main Actor/Actress)
Tuan Hussin (Supporting Actor)
Yaakub (Supporting Actor)
Orang Gaji (Extra)
Original Story
Art Director

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