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Johnny Bikin Filem

Director: Dr.Anuar Nor Arai

Producer Company: Universiti Malaya

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 107 min

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Johnny an independent film producer is a godfather in the midst of the gangster’s world in Singapore led by Towkeh Wong and Towkeh Fong. JOhnny acquaints himself with Siti Rafeah, a bangsawan primadona, trained by Pak Shariff Sutero, but also admires and gets close to Siti Kamaliah, the younger sister of Siti Rafeah. JOhnny attempts a pact with Towkeh Wong to safeguard the life of Siti Kamaliah, but Towkeh Wong turns down the offer. Mastar refuses to recognize Johnny as a godfather and challenges him. Yusof Telo secures and strengthens the position of Johnny and wipes out some followers of Mastar. He also safeguards the mistresses of Johnny. Johnny plans a contract of understanding with Towkeh Fong in to share control of the film industry but Mastar kills Towkeh Fong in that meeting. Mastar widens his control over Singapore and also infringes upon areas under the control of Johnny. In a shoot-out between Johnny and Mastar, Johnny gets shot. Siti Raheaf leaves the film studio and starts a new career as a singer at the Happy World Cabaret. Siti Kamaliah gets on the bangsawan stage. Johnny and Mastar confront over the control of areas in Singapore. Siti Rafeah marries Pak Shariff Sutero but her jealousy and hatred towards her sister never fade. Johnny and Yusof Telo find Towkeh Wong murdered in his godown. Johnny forces his wife Siti Kamaliah to fly to Brunei to safeguard her life. Other followers of Mastar hunt Johnny at his godown. Johnny produces his latest film and he is shot dead on location by a sniper.
Johnny (Main Actor/Actress)
Siti Kamaliah (Main Actor/Actress)
Mastar (Supporting Actor)
Siti Rafeah (Supporting Actor)
Pak Shariff Sutero (Supporting Actor)
Towkeh Fong (Supporting Actor)
Robert (Supporting Actor)
Original Story
Art Director
Art Director
Music Score
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Award Nomination
21st Malaysian Film Festival Best Costume Designer/ Garment(Ayu Haswida)
21st Malaysian Film Festival Best Art Direction(Dr.Anuar Nor Arai)
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