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I'm Not Single
Ratings : 3.1/5 from 10 users

Director: Pierre Andre

Producer Company: Metrowealth Movies Production Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 87 min

Release Date: 24 Jul 2008

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The plot of "I'm Not Single", also known as "Aku Bukan Bujang", tells of a young couple, Maya (Lisa Surihani) and Adam (Farid Kamil), who loathe each other because they are forced into an arranged marriage by their parents. Maya's ailing grandmother wants her to marry as soon as possible, despite the fact that she already has a steady boyfriend, Dani (Awal Ashaari). Dani and Maya love each other and had even planned to marry previously. With the disturbing new development, Dani has to try and conjure up a way in order to pry Maya away from the dreaded arrangement.
Adam (Main Actor/Actress)
Maya (Main Actor/Actress)
Dani (Main Actor/Actress)
Lisa (Main Actor/Actress)
Borhan (Supporting Actor)
June (Supporting Actor)
Ghani (Supporting Actor)
Su (Supporting Actor)
Psyco (Guests Artist)
Ahmad (Guests Artist)
David (Guests Artist)
Nenek (Guests Artist)
Original Story
Art Director
Art Director
Music Score
Production Manager
Assistant Cameraman
Sound Designer
Key Grip
21st Malaysian Film Festival Most Promising Actress (Lisa Surihani)
Award Nomination
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