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Di Belakang Tabir

Director: Jins Shamsudin

Producer Company: Merdeka Film Productions Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Crime, Drama

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Release Date: 1969

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An epic story of crime and intentions. The witty ASP Azman, sets up interesting police trap to seek for truth and to arrest Osman, the hardcore criminal. Watch this action pact movie where Osman, tries to outwit the police who manage to catch up on him.
Osman & Karim (Main Actor/Actress)
ASP Azman (Main Actor/Actress)
Faridah & Hamidah (Main Actor/Actress)
Hassan (Supporting Actor)
Ali (Supporting Actor)
Helen (Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
Music Score

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