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Darah Muda
Ratings : 3/5 from 1 user

Director: Dato' Haji Jamil Sulong

Producer Company: SV Productions Sdn. Bhd.

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Family, Romance

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Release Date: 1963

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Fauziah and her father, Pak Sabah, are living together in a very poor establishment where they normally seek help from her brother Zahari, but of the many times they ask for his help not even once has he tried to help. One day as it was raining really heavily her father was ran over by a car which was drivien by Yazid who felt really guilty and cared for the old man till he cured properly. Since the accident her father was unable to work and often fell sick. He soon afterwards died of a heart attack. Zahari on the other hand was accused of robbery and was imprisoned on the same day. Fauziah in the end married Yazid and was blessed with a child and lived happily. As the years went by Zahari was finally released and to his surprise he found out that his wife had betrayed him whuich enraged him and made him killed his wife. He was then once again being hunted by the police. Will he ever escape himself this time?  

Yazid (Main Actor/Actress)
Fauziah (Main Actor/Actress)
Zahari (Supporting Actor)
Pak Sabah (Supporting Actor)
(Supporting Actor)
Original Story
Assistant Director
Music Score
Music Score
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