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Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam
Ratings : 4.1/5 from 9 users

Director: Yusry Abdul Halim

Producer Company: KRU Studios Sdn. Bhd. , Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd.)

Language: Malay

categories: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Classification: U - General viewing for all ages

Duration : 107 min

Release Date: 11 Dec 2008

3 : watched this movie
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The evil Professor Klon is back… This time, not only to overthrow the Government and become the President of Metrofulus, but also to control the world’s supply of fresh water through his ingenious plan, “Black Water”.

When our blue planet has only 72 hours before turning black, Cicakman comes to the rescue. But much to his surprise he faces his old enemies, Ginger Boys, who return even more powerful in a spiritual form… as Ginger Ghosts. In addition he is now faced with Professor Klon’s hired assassin, Rrama… an assassin who derives pleasure in killing as if it were a pure art form.

As the situation starts taking a downward spiral, even a super hero needs help. And much to his surprise, help appears in the most unexpected forms, including Danny his demised best friend, a powerful feng shui master and an unlikely party.

Apart from his heavy responsibilities to save the world, he also has his own personal dilemmas to address… that is Hairi vs. Cicakman. He has to resolve his personal feelings towards Tania, who is seeking the true identity of Cicakman… and he also has to choose whether to sacrifice his own life to save Iman (Danny’s blind sister).
Cicak-Man / Hairi (Main Actor/Actress)
Tania (Main Actor/Actress)
Professor Klon (Main Actor/Actress)
Ginger Ghost 1 (Supporting Actor)
Ginger Ghost 2 (Supporting Actor)
Iman (Supporting Actor)
Miss Chee (Supporting Actor)
Amarr (Supporting Actor)
Danny (Supporting Actor)
Boss Fulus News (Guests Artist)
Guru Tadika (Guests Artist)
Perompak 1 (Guests Artist)
Perompak 2 (Guests Artist)
Bakar (Guests Artist)
Presiden Ramlan (Guests Artist)
Jiran 1 (Guests Artist)
Jiran 2 (Guests Artist)
Jiran 4 (Guests Artist)
Jurukamera (Guests Artist)
Ketua Bomba (Guests Artist)
Wanita Supermarket 1 (Guests Artist)
Wanita Supermarket (Guests Artist)
Lelaki Jepun (Guests Artist)
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Line Producer
Art Director
Art Director
Assistant Director
Stunt Choreographer
Music Score
3D Animator
Sound Effects
Sound Designer
Special Effects
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Sound Effect  (Mohd Mohsin bin Othman)
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Costume Designer/ Garment  
Award Nomination
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Cinematography (Mohd Filus)
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Original Music Score (Edry Abdul Halim)
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Art Direction (Yusry Abdul Halim)
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Art Direction (Johan Lucas)
22nd Malaysian Film Festival Best Editor (Mohd Elmy Khalim)
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